Who will benefit from the BizTimes Leadership Academy?

BizTimes Leadership Academy: Executive is specifically designed to support senior-level leaders and those who report to them. Ideally, these are individuals who recognize the benefit of investment in personal learning as a means of accelerating personal performance and impact on the organization’s they lead.

BizTimes Leadership Academy: GenNext is specifically designed to support the next generation of leaders seeking tools that will support them in their roles and in their advancement. senior-level leaders and those who report to them. Ideally, this program is designed for leaders who are approximately 40 years of age or younger, and who have demonstrated a commitment to personal improvement.

BizTimes Leadership Academy: Talent Management is specifically designed to support those responsible for the deployment of a strategic talent management plan. It is focused on supporting an improved approach to successful talent management.

I am fairly seasoned in my role. How would I benefit from such an experience?

Unfortunately, only you will know if the Leadership Academy is the right thing at this time. The Leadership Academy: Executive was specifically designed to support leaders who seek:

  • Enhanced focus or purpose for your work
  • Greater alignment between what you value and the work you find yourself doing
  • Greater meaning in your role
  • Enhanced connection between your passion and your contributions
  • Greater initiative and innovation within the organization, not merely compliance
  • Greater alignment between organization’s culture and your behavioral expectations
  • Greater urgency within the team relative to key initiatives
  • Improved communication within the organization
  • Open and honest discussion of the real issues
  • Improved outlook when it comes to talent management
  • Reduced silo mentality within the organization
  • Enhanced focus on the “right” things
  • Greater appreciation for your role, knowledge, and attributes as a leader
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Greater personal meaning and purpose
  • A broader network of influence

The Leadership Academy is about you and identifying those things you need to be the best leader you can be… not only for others but also for yourself.

What makes this program different?

Virtually all leadership programs start with good intentions. They are typically structured around the ideals of a particular leader or perceived attributes of “model” leaders that are valued and “teachable.”

The Leadership Academy refers to the worldwide human group of leaders dedicated to improving the efficacy of those in leadership roles. Its core mission is to support the authenticity of the leader, enhance awareness of the leader’s role, responsibilities, and influence, and foster the development of leaders across generations, industries, and cultures. Academies embrace the synergistic relationship between a thoughtful driving intellectual mindset and inner, guiding awareness.

Utilizing a personalized assessment, a development strategy is defined and supported through a framework of core leadership principles that will support refinement of the leader. The Academy features a focus on the individual leader’s purpose and passion, and supports performance by raising awareness regarding the circle of influence on organizational dynamics. Graduates of an academy, typically have a newfound appreciation of their roles and responsibilities, and have an action plan for furthering their leadership influence and impact on performance.

I understand the Leadership Academy: Executive is delivered over the course of five days. Can you describe the training approach?

Like all successful programs, there are core fundamentals upon which a framework for learning is built. This starts with a number of tools that help to identify unique attributes of each participant and guides in the formation of personalized goals. The facilitator invests time to understand individual differences and will redesign portions of the experience to ensure learning outcomes align with individual goals and build toward desired outcomes.

One of the most important features of the Leadership Academy is that we embrace the unique attributes of leaders and context in which they work. In fact, we know that context is a critical component in predicting successful leadership performance such that the behavior of a leader in one situation does not necessarily predict successful performance in another.

The Academy provides a pathway to accelerating leadership performance by guiding discover of the best of who you are as leader, providing a framework for considering context, and supporting refinement of skill through increased knowledge and practice. Case studies and a sharing learning environment provide a valuable, broad set of “real-world” opportunities for application, reflection, and refinement.

How much does it cost?

Executive: The investment of $4,900 includes program fees, personal assessments and reports, professional photo and media acknowledgement, one-on-one coaching, books, course materials, banquet, meals, and parking.

GenNext: The investment of $3,500 includes program fees, personal assessments and reports, professional
photo and media acknowledgement, one-on-one coaching, course materials, meals, and parking.

Strategic Talent Management Workshop: The investment of $2,295 ($2,195/person when two or more from same organization register). The fee is all-inclusive and covers the program, workshop materials, a copy of the Talent Management Audit©, meals, and parking.

What do I need to bring?

You will receive a binder and handouts. Additional information will be provided to you upon acceptance to the program. You are welcome to bring a laptop, iPad or tablet.

What should I wear?

You should dress comfortably business casual for the entire program. However, please note that there will be professional photo (headshot) taken on the first day, so you may wish to wear professional business attire for that day.

What if I miss one of the sessions?

We recommend committing fully to all sessions, including the two full-day sessions, to maximize your experience, build your network and realize the full value of your investment. If a conflict arises and you miss a session, we will work with you to get up to speed at a mutually agreed-upon time prior to the next session.

Additional Questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!