BizTimes Leadership Academy

BizTimes Leadership Academy is an exclusive, high-impact opportunity dedicated to supporting and transforming executive-level leaders.

BizTimes Leadership Academy recognizes the demands placed on today’s leaders and embraces the unique skills and attributes individuals bring into their leadership roles. To ensure successful outcomes, the BizTimes Leadership Academy takes a unique approach, forming individual learning partnerships with each participant, identifying individual goals and providing high-impact leadership training experiences that can be truly transformational.

The Leadership Academy promises to provide principled guidance and thought-provoking applications for those who aspire to enhance their leadership abilities and their organizational impact.

Today’s senior level leadership and the leaders of tomorrow will encounter the best of self awareness leading to personal growth, professional development, leadership modeling, exposure to other aspiring leaders and strategy through discovery sessions, case-study application, and guest CEO speaker forums.

The BizTimes Leadership Academy offers two specialized leadership-training programs tailored for maximum impact – Executive and GenNext. In addition, BizTimes Leadership Academy is proud to feature a Talent Management workshop designed specifically to support leaders in the design of an actionable, strategic talent management approach. Find the Leadership Academy program best suited to your career and personal growth goals and sign up today.

The training offered in this program creates positive change that leads to expanded influence, not only in your organization but in every area of your life.

- Scott, Milwaukee, Executive Training Alumnus